As dysfuctional as these two may be...
with all of the making up, and the breaking up...
the fights, the tears, and the drugs...
there is true love at work here.

I want something like that.

Summer is finally here...
and I am going to allow myself to love...
after all, I do deserve it.

Perfection is a figment of the imagination.
Those that strive for perfection are simply fooling themselves.
I've tried for the perfect relationship,
and I failed... or rather, it failed.
Looking towards the future...
I want that beautiful chaos...
It keeps me on my toes.





Check 'em Out.



Free Music... courtesy of NYLON

[click the image to download]


LaROUX - In For The Kill
LISSY TRULLIE - Self Taught Learner
LITTLE BOOTS - Meddle (Ebola Remix)
MAPEI - Public Enemy
OF MONTREAL - For Our Elegant Caste
PASSION PIT - I've Got Your Number
PHOENIX - 1901
SUCKERS - It Gets Your Body Movin'
THE HORRORS - Sea Within a Sea
THE SOFT PACK - Bright Side
WHITE LIES - Death (Crystal Castles Remix)




Paparazzi - Lady GaGa

This video is BEYOND amazing. OMFG


I miss you guys!!!

Freshman year would not have been the same without you guys.
We made a family... and though some have come and gone;
You seven have remained constants for me.
For that, I thank you.

To Monique & Liz... have fun in Europe Fall/Winter 09.
I can't wait to hear about all the shenanigans you two get into.

To Jay, David, & Manny... Thiz or Die... lmao.

To Cailin, DeeDee, & Natalie... stay classy... and try not to kill one another... lol.



Kiss me through the phone...

"I don't like being single, no. I live this fantastic life, full of all these magical things, and at the end of the day all I want to do is pick up my phone and share it with someone. The other day I'd sold a million records in the U.S. and I didn't have anyone to tell. It was actually a really lonely moment."
-Katy Perry in British Cosmopolitan (June 2009)

I feel you miss lady.



New Music Videos...

Ego - Beyoncé
Paranoid - Jonas Brothers
Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship (feat. Leighton Meester) [sneak preview]

The new Jonas Brothers album, Lines, Vines, and Trying Times comes out
The new Cobra Starship album, Hot Mess, comes out August 11, 2009

I'm excited, I hope you are too.

Oh, one more thing... no surprise that the character that Leighton is referring to who will shake things up for Blair at NYU is none other than Georgina Sparxx... I can't wait till Gossip Girl returns in the fall... =]]]



Get Lifted...

I love my President.
Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!!



Brought to you by Brightest Young Things...

Starting May 30th and every Saturday during the summer BYT will be hosting its very special SUMMER CAMP Party series at the Capitol Skyline Hotel pool.

Relaxing in the sun, camp games and crafts, special (music and other) guests, $10 day pass (from noon till 11pm-swimming is ALLOWED AND ENCOURAGED), drink and food and room specials, metro accessible, inflatable EVERYTHINGS and more.

Details to come but start being excited and counting down. Get your camp socks and swim trunks ready.

First up: Beautiful Swimmers (Andrew Field-Pickering & Ari Goldman)

Check out how awesome the hotel is:

Stay tuned here @ BYT's
website for all the updates/details

[above info taken from BYT]

Hope to see you all there.



All Eyes On Me...


P.S. I saw StarTrek last night... AMAZING.
I also saw Night At The Museum 2... not so amazing.



Public Service Announcement

Oh, and by the way... I'm deleting my facebook at the end of May... I'm going to focus on things that really matter... like social justice issues, environmental concerns, and public policy... I came to realize that so much time is wasted on these social networking sites... and for what reason? They are just another excuse to spend hours on end staring at a computer screen rather than going outside, reading a book, watching CNN, volunteering, developing ACTUAL relationships with people... I will however continue to blog and twitter [@SmellsLikePeas]... but I won't allow myself to get sucked in any deeper into the facebook craze.

peace & love.



Misbehave This Summer...

“I'm not obsessed with books,
I'm not obsessed with school and homework,
and I'm not obsessed with not getting into trouble.”
-Emma Watson



and survey says... part 3?

my fall09 semester schedule... i'm once again quite proud of it... =]

9.10a - 10.10a ~ Communications & Social Understanding
10.20a - 11.20a ~ The Bible & Its Interpretation

9.40a - 11.10a ~ Biology of Women
11.20a - 12.50p ~ Gender & Culture
1.00p - 4.00p ~ Biology of Women Lab

9.10a - 10.10a ~ Communications & Social Understanding
10.20a - 11.20a ~ The Bible & Its Interpretation

9.40a - 11.10a ~ Biology of Women
11.20a - 12.50p ~ Gender & Culture

9.10a - 10.10a ~ Communications & Social Understanding
10.20a - 11.20a ~ The Bible & Its Interpretation

P.S. I may have an internship at Curve magazine; crossing my fingers that I get it.


As we go into the next two weeks, I'm going to take a break from blogging for a bit... final exams/papers require much attention...
but don't fret, I will be back on the 21st... and it will be worth the wait.

This summer is going to be amazing, I just know it.


Now, I'm going to invite you into my stream of consciousness...

When asked to describe my style, I say Park Avenue Hippie Chic if that makes any sense... in keeping with my new self-actualization, my look is beginning to change as well... these are my style inspirations: Shwayze, Dyshaun from Stylista, James Baldwin


What else can I tell you about? OH! I met Jessica Valenti a few days ago... Thursday to be exact... I'm not gonna go into extensive detail of who she is, but I'll say this much, she is one of the main reasons I was able to recognize that I am a feminist... she's an amazing author and such a cool person... =]


I am currently in search of a pair of cotton shorts either in a nice red, blue, or green color... though white wouldn't be bad either... so if you happen to find some, I'm a size 26 in men's... size 4 in women's... thanks!!!


I'm sure there is something I am forgetting... but I can't remember... OH!!! Prom... the pic is posted below as you can see, but here's a link to the other pics if you are wanting more... if the link doesn't work... lo siento/je m'escuse,/please forgive me... -->link<--


There's still something I'm forgetting.. but whatever... everyone, best of luck in these final weeks of term... hopefully the advent of summer brings much joy to you all... and remember not to be a stranger to my archives... so long for now... =]




P.S. I went to a prom last night... it reminded me of my own prom...
and how I desperately wished I had had a boyfriend at the time... lol



Get Up On This...

JUNE 5 - El Corazon, Seattle (get tix)
JUNE 6 - Richards on Richards, Vancouver (get tix)
JUNE 8 - Slims, San Francisco (get tix)
JUNE 9 - The Roxy, Los Angeles (get tix)
JUNE 12 - The Oriental Theater, Denver (get tix)
JUNE 14 - Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis (get tix)
JUNE 15 - The Bottom Lounge, Chicago (get tix)
JUNE 17 - Mod Club, Toronto (get tix)
JUNE 19 - Traif Music Hall, Buffalo (get tix)
JUNE 20 - North Star, Philadelphia (get tix)
JUNE 21 - The Middle East, Cambridge (get tix)
JUNE 23 - Highline Ballroom, NYC (get tix)
JUNE 24 - Rock & Roll Hotel, DC (get tix)
JUNE 26 - Cats Cradle, Chapel Hill (get tix)
JUNE 27 - The Loft, Atlanta (get tix)
JUNE 30 - Granada Theater, Dallas (get tix)
JULY 1 - Antone's, Austin (get tix)

If any of the above links don't work, or for more info, click here.

I've been getting familiar with the bands... only Patrick Wolf and Plastiscines so far... and I like... ALOT

Oops... did I just post those... psst, hurry up and "right click+save as" to receive an eargasm... lol


P.S. Follow me... =]



Songs for Sorrow.

Mika is giving us fans a special treat...
to build hype and anticipation for his sophomore album,
he's releasing an EP of four songs and a hardcover book of illustrations.

Go to www.mikasounds.com for more info.

P.S. 2 of the songs are available for listening on both




Jewelry for your Head, Hands, Arms, Legs, and Shoes.

I want their Cougar Claw rings... really bad.

Definitely worth checking out... so hop to it.

[psst... they have a blog too]



Hometown Glory - Adele

Her voice is just simply beyond beautiful.

19 is by far one of the best albums I've heard in a long while.

[click here to buy it]




"Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.
I may not reach them, but I can look up
and see their beauty, believe in them
and try to follow where they lead."
-Louisa May Alcott

It's Cinco De Mayo...
be safe, be smart, have fun.



New York... in threes

"There are roughly three New Yorks. There is, first, the New York of the man or woman who was born there, who takes the city for granted and accepts its size, its turbulence as natural and inevitable. Second, there is the New York of the commuter--the city that is devoured by locusts each day and spat out each night. Third, there is New York of the person who was born somewhere else and came to New York in quest of something. Of these trembling cities the greatest is the last--the city of final destination, the city that is a goal. It is this third city that accounts for New York’s high strung disposition, its poetical deportment, its dedication to the arts, and its incomparable achievements. Commuters give the city its tidal restlessness, natives give it solidity and continuity, but the settlers give it passion. And whether it is a farmer arriving from a small town in Mississippi to escape the indignity of being observed by her neighbors, or a boy arriving from the Corn Belt with a manuscript in his suitcase and a pain in his heart, it makes no difference: each embraces New York with the intense excitement of first love, each absorbs New York with the fresh yes of an adventurer, each generates heat and light to dwarf the Consolidated Edison Company. . . ."
- E. B. White

[courtesy of Covet Deschanel]



I'm a busy bee today...

...so I encourage you to check out my archives




Audrey Hepburn.

Photos courtesy of the UK Telegraph.



I'm not alone.

"You will not find us in sweatpants.
That's not who we are.
And you have to stay true to who you are.
I'm dressing kind of nicely all the time now.
But then it's like, What am I going to do next?"
-Kevin Jonas
(Seventeen Magazine - June 2009)

I knew there was a reason I loved them so much.
Sweatpants are icky... they have no place outside of the bedroom.

Happy First Day of May Everyone.