This is not a goodbye... this is a see ya later.

I'm taking a break from this thing called a blog from now until I go back to school... I have a few things to focus on... namely, my job which starts tomorrow, the apartment I'm getting with some friends at school (we sign the papers this week), getting my fall/winter wardrobe completed (it's about 70% there)...

So like I always say when I go on sabbaticals... don't be a stranger to my archives... be sure to check out the blogs of my friends and the various websites I frequent listed to the right... and I'll still post twitter updates... which can be found below on this clever little widget I included so I can make quick updates.



I hate to admit this but...

The Stellar Boot
by Deréon

Original Price: $90.00
Sale Price: $49.97

I kind of want a pair... I feel so ashamed.



"Old macdonald had tourettes e-i e-i cunt."
Lily Allen


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Wake Up People... this isn't freedom... this is mental enslavement.

[courtesy of Sonny Groo]

I can't say I completely agree or disagree on the matter of NeoConservatism...
but I can say that it is a political philosophy that I would like to educate myself about.

I don't believe war is a way to bring about peace,
but I do believe we must become proactive with
our peace keeping efforts rather than reactive...
so in that sense I agree with NeoCon.

This video gave me a lot to think about... though it is only 10m long.
Once again, thank you so much Sonny G for posting this.

Follow these links for more info on...
Leo Strauss


Okay... Let me run a few things by you... try to keep up.

First... watch this video...
it's my favorite song by Katy Perry other than Mannequin.

Then look at this picture of Zooey Deschanel.

Now... watch this clip from Kathy Griffin's show
My Life on the D-List which features actor Matt Dallas.

Now to the purpose of this post.

1. I know Thinking of You is Katy Perry's song, and it's only natural that the singer actually star in a music video for their song... but to be completely honest... Zooey Deschanel should have starred in this video... the only time I watched it, I kept thinking, gosh, Katy Perry looks so much like ZD its crazy...
just put her in the video instead of Katy... at least she can act... and at that, allow Zooey to sing the song as well... she has the talent [fyi, besides acting, she's in a folk duo named She & Him].

2. Why did they cast Matt Dallas as her love interest/husband??? It's no secret that he's gay... well, he's not out... but it's no secret he's gay... I'm not one to speculate about people, or believe in "signs" or "gaydar" but in this case, I'm making an exception... case and point... the above clip from Kathy Griffin's show.
If anything they should have cast like, Emile Hirsche or someone... anyone other than an obviously gay male... it does nothing to help Katy's faghag image [not that that's a bad thing... i love my hags... some of the closest friends I have in this life]...

3. Thats all... I'm going to bed... its 2.45a and I'm torn between either having a marathon of The O.C. tomorrow... or shopping the sale racks at Urban Outfitters...
I really should save my measly 30bucks... but I do need to get out of the house...
ugh... dumb Global Economic Crisis.




Fast forward to 3:30... Girrrrl.

Fast Forward to 4:10... LMAO irl at Jay Manuel's stoic demeanor.

More LL... "For-NaRina"

P.S. Click Here to see the Fornarina f/w 2010 campaign featuring Lindsay Lohan.


Here's something to get excited about...

The days of summer might be drawing to a close, yet the evening hours relent. Hence, the perfect time for LA based contemporary fashion brand Hellz to introduce their “Kicks After Six” capsule delivery. A concise yet bold collection, this limited 6 piece line extends Hellz’ ongoing graphic themes incorporating the idea of empowered defiant women that exude nothing but vicious confidence.

Hellz Creative Director, Lanie Alabanza-Barcena expounds, “Inspiration for the graphics were drawn from familiar faces of fashion icons and iconic fashion brands who celebrate them."

cliq meh--> Hellz Bellz <--cliq meh


Lindsay Lohan for Vogue España... Haters to the left.

“Beauty is grace and confidence. I've learned to
accept and appreciate what nature gave me.”
Lindsay Lohan

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We are reaching the end of another week...

Ordinarily, I get really excited for the summer, and I take advantage of every bit of it... however, this year... I can't continue to pretend like it's all good. Blame the Global Economic Crisis; blame the fact that 2/3 into the summer, my job is FINALLY starting; blame my overbearing mother and my delusional father... but I am just anxious for it to be over already so I can get back to the life I left behind in California. I wish Time Turners actually existed, so I could speed up this charade of a summer vacation.

Enough of the pessimism... I have laundry to finish,
and a driver's test to take in about 14 hours... so I should probably get off this computer.

I hope the rest of your summers are faring better than mine has...
or at least you're finding ways to make the most of it.

P.S. The above pic was posted by Miley Cyrus to her twitter [@mileycyrus], I thought it was pretty...

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More Throwback Thursday: Acne Jeans Underwear Collection f/w 08

Don't Judge Me.


A quote from one of my fashion inspirations...

"I like to go to parties where I know everyone.
How are you going to have fun with people you don't know?"
Mary-Kate Olsen

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I never realized that the HOTNESS that is Robert Pattinson [Edward Cullen in Twilight], played Cedric Diggory in the fourth Harry Potter movie till just this very moment... I am probably not revealing any big news to anyone, but this was mind blowing for me... I want to go watch HP4 just because he's in it... OMG!!!
That's All.


I'm desperately trying to resist the urge... // Noteworthy.

Le Smoking

This is a blog dedicated to superb photography featuring cigarettes.

I'm not a smoker... at least not a cigarette smoker...
but for the past few months, I have been desperately fighting the urge to light up.

I have a desire to become a social smoker...
a cigarette in one hand, and a glass of vodka in the other...

Cigarettes cause cancer kids... don't do it.
[so says the guy that is willing to dismiss the Surgeon General]


Congrats Meaghan for winning Canada's Next Top Model cycle 3...

Though I didn't like Meaghan at all during the competition, I'm satisfied with the decision.

I still wish Maryam had made it to the final 3... she would have so made it to the top 2... and then she would have lost it to Linsay... but whatever.

Time to watch Project Catwalk [Britain's answer to Project Runway]
Warding off television till Gossip Girl returns in September.

Currently reading Lost In The City by Edward P Jones... looks to be a good book.

Seeing Harry Potter in about 12.5 hours at some point [it's currently 1a as I type this]... lets hope its good.


Nylon TV... In bed with The Kills [a bit of a throwback]

"Time flies when you're drunk... and you don't give a fuck."
-The Kills



The Bane of My Online Existence...

The Fail Whale

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Taylor Momsen vamps it up for MTV... [ok... that was a cheesy title, i admit it]

"I'm nocturnal, I'm a vampire, I decided. I write at night. I don't write a song;
I write in a stream of consciousness. I never edit everything. I have books of lyrics.
You can write a hundred songs from it, but I try to pick one stream."

Click Here to read the accompanying article.


P.S. Don't forget to check out Gossip Girl when it returns
this September to the CW with a new, later time slot [9p EST]


Raincoats - U.S. Royalty /// Rats - U.S. Royalty

They're from DC... so they have a special place in my musical heart.




NylonTV has this new weekly series called Band Crush...

7.13.09 - The Crocodiles

The Big Pink

So enjoy... =]

P.S. They also have another series called Model Citizen...
check out the first episode below (it features Tallulah Morton)


What has the fashion blogs laughing today?

By the way... I'm actually going to delete my facebook tonight... and i'm nervous.



Visual Stimulation courtesy of Jak & Jil Blog...

Jak & Jil Blog

I really want a pair of boots like the ones pictured on the left in the last picture.


Live. Laugh. Love.

So take time to just enjoy it... rather than live in stress, and pessimism...
smile... laugh... jump around... just live life...
and let nothing, and no one keep you from doing just that...
I hope you all are having a good summer...
I'm learning to live this summer, I hope you are too.



Time to rest...

I'll be back on Friday.

Until then, indulge yourself in my archives.

Enjoy your Fourth of July weekends everyone.

Be Safe, Be Chic.


My new crush...

Charles Guislain

I'm envious of his closet.



[click the pic]

I can't explain it... just check it out.



Dead Disco Dancer - O. Children

To put my new style into music video form... this would be it.

P.S. This is what my dorm room will be like in music video form.



Thank God for eBay...

If these came in my size... I would most definitely Bid...
if ur interested... go for it... the auction ends in a little under 3 days...

vtg 80s sequins DOC MARTINS combat boots UK 7 US 9 NOS
Current Bid is at $24.99 [$49.99 to Buy Now]


Michael's final rehearsal...

I was looking forward to buying tickets to seeing him,
if and when he brought the show to the states
[most likely a stint at Madison Square Garden]



Treat Me Like Your Mother...

On the verge of the July 13th (UK/Europe)/July 14th (North America) release of their debut album Horehound, The Dead Weather announce the uncensored Cinemax debut of the short "Treat Me Like Your Mother".
The groundbreaking film was directed by Jonathan Glazer, whose credits range from such highly-acclaimed feature films as Sexy Beast and Birth to award-winning music videos for Radiohead.
In a rare event, the film will premiere in full in the US on Cinemax on July 11th at 9:55 pm and continue to air on all of the Cinemax multiplex channels for the following five weeks. The short will premiere in the UK on Channel 4 on July 13th at 00:10.

The Dead Weather



Niche Magazine vol.1


Behind The Scenes... Emma Watson for Burberry


[click here for the photos from said shoot]


Sasha Fierce Goes Back to School...

The House of Deréon, Bey & Tina's line, are planning to release a line of trendier,
younger clothes for the Back to School season.
The line is said the be inspired by Beyoncé's alter ego, Sasha Fierce [hence the name]

It just all looks a tad cheap, and i've seen these looks already...
from Forever 21 and Wet Seal, to Macy's and Express.

I love the Diva, but The House of Diarrhea needs to just hang up it's coat.