no comments. lol.

Yah, so I'm back.... I guess I just couldn't stay away... ionno... but this blog has like, been a constant for me, and right now, I am in desperate need of some constants... my life is way to all over the place for my liking at the moment.

sooo... on the influence of a friend, I'm not gonna fool myself by attempting to maintain daily entries... instead, I will share the major stuff that goes down in this life of mine... hopefully I can get a digital camera at some point, or learn to put my blackberry pics onto my computer... cause to be totally honest, I see alot of awesome stuff in my day to day life that I am always like, damn, Someone other than me needs to see this...

so ignore the grammar, the spelling, etc... this is just me saying I hope you didn't forget about me... lol.

...peace, love, and rainbows.



Hello Upper Eastsiders...

Tonight is the night of Gossip Girl's epic return.
It has been a LONG summer... OMFG.
Be mindful... the times have changed...
GG will now be airing at 9p instead of 8p.