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Ciara - Go Girl



fashion find...

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this is a website that prides itself on handmade goods... it's a perfect place to buy & sale one of a kind pieces... the prices are great, and you get amazing clothing that you can be sure that no one else will have... in an age of overpriced designer goods, and [good] thrift stores being extremely hard to come by... Etsy is where it's at...

p.s. if you go on Etsy and decide to register... please don't forget to insert my user name under the entry field "How did you hear about Etsy"... my username is SmellsLikePeas

p.p.s. be sure to pick up the nov2008 issue of Nylon Magazine
(the one with Paris Hilton on the cover)



love is the solution.

This is a PSA that my college's GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) filmed regarding the homophobic California proposition to ban same-sex marriage in our state... yours truly is featured in the commercial... and i urge you all to vote in this upcoming election... and keep in mind that it's more than just issues... it's the people involved that your vote is ultimately going to affect... so i urge you to learn about the issues before nov 4... you still have some time...
love thy neighbor, as you would love thy self.



insomnia is a bitch.

thanks malcolm.

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this is an amazing store, with amazing merch... think Barney's or Bergdorf's... but younger... hipper... and more urban... and you have... OAK.

p.s. i saw Saw V tonight... it was amazing... nuff said.



chris & robb.

thank you keelia for introducing me to this amazing blog...

we are not the enemy.
it is a photo blog of LGBT couples still facing harmful legislation and discrimination.
hopefully our pic gets posted... =]

vote no on prop8... i'm talking to you California voters.
not to mention, vote no on amendment2 Florida...
love has no gender... so what place does the government have to define it?



happy hump day!

[courtesy of Natalie Dee - www.nataliedee.com]



on november 4th...


i swear to you this isn't a music blog...

Love Bug - Jonas Brothers

The video stars a familiar face to Teen Vogue readers, Camilla Belle. The actress stars in such films as When A Stranger Calls and 10 000 BC... This is one of my favorite songs off the Jonas Brothers' album A Little Bit Longer... the song is sweet and innocent, and the video reflects that... hope you guys enjoy it... and Nick is beyond adorable in this video... but my affection still belongs to Joe... =P



i don't do this often... well... ever

...but lets get political for a moment.

Republican former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorses Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama...


when i think of you... you make me smile

The most fragile part of me,
Nurses our strongest connection.
You live in my memory.
With a philosophy,
That now offers me completion.
I’m so well.
And it’s strange to be.
I’m torn by misdirection.
You’re my ambassador.
You personify my admiration.
So beautiful.
I live for you.
As you live for me.

>>Sometimes You Make Me Smile - Floetry<<


so the new macbooks were unveiled today...

here's a breakdown of all the new features...

the idea of the renovations to the already excellent macbook and macbook pro is making them "greener"

the shell is alluminum, the multi-touch track pad is glass, theres all this energy star stuff and blah blah blah...

its two toned... its thinner... its FASTER... theres no click button... instead, it abouts the tap pad feature of many PC laptops on the market... but the difference is... it does different things depending on how many fingers u place on it... [taken directly from the apple website: Use two fingers to scroll up and down a page. Pinch to zoom in and out. Swipe with three fingers to flip through your photo libraries. Rotate to adjust an image with your fingertips. Using the new four-finger swipe gesture, swipe up or down to access Exposé modes and left or right to switch between open applications.]... it still features the two finger right click function... okay... other than that... its not much else new... but it is nice looking... oh, before i forget... the macbook now features the backlit keyboard like the macbook pro has... well had... for years... now us macbookers can have it too...

now, u can learn the specifics on ur own... i really am not super computer savvy... but i will say this... tough luck for u guys who want to buy a brand new black macbook... they no longer make them... sorry... but u can still buy the white one...

now... PRICES!!!!

hold onto ur seats ladies and gentlemen...

rumors have been swirling for weeks that the new macbooks would do soemthing never before done in the history of apple... provide its macbooks for under $1000... the story goes, their stock value is dropping and they need to compete with the other laptop manufacturers... soo... did they deliver...

sorry folks... but the new macbook starts at $1299 and the macbook pro starts at $1999... so just factor in the amount it cost to ship, customize, and all that good stuff... and you my friend, would have spent a cool two grand... but hey, the bright side is... u can always get one shipped from overseas... thats cheaper-ish... i love my little macbook... it serves me well... =]

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yet another one from ms Beyoncé



If I Was A Boy - Beyoncé



Britney's Back!!!



guess what today is...

exactly a month ago, me & my amazing boyfriend chris became official... so i'm dedicating this post to him... the man i care so much for... and i'm so very glad that our paths crossed... he's like seriously the only person i can truly say has me happy i decided to come out here to California as opposed to NYC... so to him... i play this song... and i post these images... and i spill out my heart... because he's so deserving of it... for making me feel like i'm his whole world every single day.

Everything - Michael Buble

Chris, i know i tell you everyday how special you are, how smart you are, how funny u are, how irresistibly sexy you are... but those i truly mean it... and i cant express to you enough all the ways that you have made an impact on my life in this past month... before coming out here, i was a hopeless romantic who despised the cutesy couples i found myself surrounded by... but all the while wanting that myself... and then i meet you... online no less... quite unconventional... but see you as nothing more than someone who i'll be friends with... yes i thought you were incredibly cute... but i didnt put much thought into it... and when we get here... we click... and though it took some time for me to garner the courage to tell you that i was developping feelings for you... i did nonetheless... and i'm so glad that i did... chris... you make me so soo happy...

when we kiss... u blow bubbles... and make me giggle...
when you hold me in ur arms... you act all nerdy and giddy which makes me burst into laughter...
when we're just standing in the hall in silence... you eye me up and down... and make me feel soo sexy...
when you send me random text messages saying nothing but hello... or a smiley face... it just brightens up my entire day...
when i feel like there must be some mistake... a guy like me never gets the guy like you... you assure me that i'm not dreaming...
when we're driving in your car... and you place your hand on my leg... sparks shoot through me entire body...
when i got so very drunk... you stayed with me... you're reason... "he's my boyfriend, and i care about him"
when i got high... you took pleasure in freaking me out... and made me laugh... ALOT.
when i was hungover... you spent 5 straight hours in my room... next to me... in all my mess... watching Gossip Girl...
in just typing this... ur making me smile... even though ur asleep and i should be too...
you're the salt to my pepper... the milla jovovich to my carmen hawk... the christian troy to my sean mcnamara...

i love that you have a passion for cars... BMWs to be specific...
i love your music...
i love your creativity... especially the job you did on my shoes...
i love your smile...
i love your laugh...
i love your eyes... are they green today or brown?
i love your heart...
i love your art... martial art that is... yup, my boy does karate... teaches it too... he's like a double black belt or something...
i would say i love you... but the power in those three words are so strong... i don't want to express them through a blog post... and i don't want to express them prematurely... besides, the truth is... i don't know what love feels like... and for right now... i do feel so very strongly for you... its more than like... more than like like... more than like like like u... and it's most certainly not lust... it's another four letter L word which webster's has yet to discover...

what i will say however is... happy monthsary babe... and i can't wait for our plans tonight...

less than 3



this is a direct response to joi & steven...

to joi...
you are one beautiful, intelligent, talented young woman who is being unfair to the world by not being happy and putting on a wonderful smile... for one, u live in DC... i didn't much like it until i started living there; there is so much to do... like no lie... and about the not meeting very many people thing, like, who said you had to be friends with ur fellow Bisons... u can get out of that HBCU world... which at the risk of sounding racists against my own people... is quite close minded and ignorant... go to dupont circle, u st, travel to clarendon, go up to bethesda, see the sights in friendship heights... there is much to do, and a place for everyone in dc... and i have much more to say, but this would turn into a rant, and that doesn't help anyone... i just think that you are worth more, and have more at your disposal, and more things going for you that are good than you may realize... i'm speaking as an outside observer who hasnt truly lived in ur shoes... but i'm speakingas a friend who has seen ur smile more than once... as far as getting to nyc... that will happen in its own time... but while you're hear, get ur foot in the door... there are places here that often desire a designer, or a seamstress, or a photographer... or hook urself a job at nordies or bloomies... thats always a quick way to add a good name on ur resume... and one more thing, i thouroughly disagree with u about not fighting for what u want at the risk of hurting others... cause u kno... those around u are older, they had their chance at happiness, now its ur turn... dont let the door of opportunity close itself off to u... the universe doesn't stay waiting around for us forever, it's only gonna bash us over the head with chances so many times before it gives up on us... there are schools in nyc that are cheap... consider a community college then transfering, at least then you'd be able to claim residency... or even like a SUNY... those are cheaper... or FIT which is soo not that expensive... my mom worked to pay her way at FIT... true the tuition got more expensive, and the housing market did too, but so did the minimum wage... my mom had a roomate in brooklyn and commuted to school at FIT and then went to work after... but thru all tht still had time to have fun... so like, you can sooo do that... joi, i just dont wanan see u become that suburban mother who works for some government job in dc who everyday wishes she had've followed her dreams... i really don't wanna see that happen to u... and im being honest here, and more than i should probably... but i see that happening to Steven, and i see it happening to you, and i see that happening to a couple of my other friends who CHOSE not forced to stay in maryland/dc/virginia... im so glad i left there, cause i knew i would be one of the many who never get out... i had a comfortable internship that would then offer me a job after graduation... thus signing away my life, and sealing my future as on of those ppl who get stuck... so don't let that happen joi... regardless of money, where theres a will theres a way... and u act like u cant just go to a school like Stockton College in new jersey, which is right next to nyc if im not mistaken... my mom went there too... so like yah, u just need to have a strong belief in self, and not be afraid to hurt some ppl along the way... cause u are a much brighter star than u make urself out to be...

to steven...
argh... stop it... just stop it... like, really... i dont understand you sometimes... you've already proven urself to be intelligent... why are u in the engineering program when u continue to say that its hard, or that you'd rather be doing that thing with the animals, or that ur interests are far more broad than just engineering... like, really... tell ur parents to fuck off... excuse my language... but u and joi are allowing ur parents to hold u back from ur dreams... they'll be dead in 20 years [knock on wood]... and where will u be in 20 years? hmm... working some high paying job, or job that pays u enough so u can take care of them for those next 20years? no. that shouldnt be the case... they've lived their lives... and u should be able to live urs too... u dont owe them anything... they wanted to have a kid... so they did... and they accepted the responsibility to raise them up... u dont owe them a thing... they did what they were supposed to do... u already 'payed them back' by getting good grades, staying off drugs, never being arrested, and not getting anyone pregnant... why should it matter that they think... you are so cool, u are so talented, u have dreams, u have a future... and u, like joi, are allowing ur parents to keep u from that desired future... dont allow urself to miss that train... and as for ur mom being like super evil about u becoming vegetarian... tell her off... i kno its mean... but just put ur foot down, get loud if u have to... thats wrong of her, and u shouldnt be made to feel bad about who u are... like really... i told u a while back that u do things to make others lives easier and ignore ur own desires... u put urself second, and ppl walk all over tht... it shouldnt be that way... u should be the one taking control of ur life... not allowing others feelings to become a factor... and about u not going to philly... im still really upset about tht... cause i dont want u to get stuck there... i really dont... and im sure u dont either... but thts the way it seems to be turning out as... u could have applied to every single college in pennsylvania... not just the top colleges... if you truly wanted to be tehre... and this isnt about looking back, cause the past is the past, but like.... now tht we're here... start looking to transfer to pennsylvania... get out now while u still have the chance... dont let ur dreams fall to the wayside... i love u steven, and i dont want u to be another smart asian graduating from umd, and having spent so much time under the thumb of ur parents that u begin to resent them but u stay close to them because u never learned how to stand on ur own to feet, so u have this amazing degree in a subject that u grew to hate because u realized u only did it because u felt it was expeted of u by ur parents and because u were smart and so u take a job working once again somewhere in maryland living in a nice home in laurel or a home in virginia all the while living a life of 'what ifs'... dont let tht happen... please... dont let it happen... i want us all to be able to go to our reunion... and laugh at the ppl unhappy with okay looking wives, 3 kids, and who are going bald with bellies... and we'll be able to share stories of traveling the world, while they just have stories about their kids...

i just got off the phone with my mother... and i had to just start crying... cause im sooo wishing i had've taken a gap year... went to europe... traveled... and im realizing that im being dumb... ignore what im saying i guess u two... cause we all have time to still do stuff... and im doing the same thing, living under the thumb of my parents... ionno... maybe this is what college students face, at least freshmen... being sad... and depressed... ionno... at least the ones with goals... the ones who are just here to be here are more able to just party and not worry about anything... so ionno... im jsut really sad right now, and kinda can't stop crying... good thing im able to skip classes, cause otherwise, i'd be a mess in my classes... x__x