chris & robb.

thank you keelia for introducing me to this amazing blog...

we are not the enemy.
it is a photo blog of LGBT couples still facing harmful legislation and discrimination.
hopefully our pic gets posted... =]

vote no on prop8... i'm talking to you California voters.
not to mention, vote no on amendment2 Florida...
love has no gender... so what place does the government have to define it?


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Turhan said...

Prop8 is so stupid. I just don't understand why they would raise 25 million dollars to discriminate against other people. It just doesn't make sense to me.

I was watching some video, I think it was on Perezhilton.com where Ellen was talking about how they could easily have raised that money and used it for something more beneficial.

Ugh,,, I'm irk'd.

stevenisradiguess said...

that's an awesome blog.

Trevor said...

haha okay so this woman on there definetely looks like my mom's lesbian friend but idk if it's actually her
maybe it is

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