Wow... it's been 1 year.

So, this is officially my blog's 1st birthday... blogsary if you will... this pas t year has been a roller-coaster ride... i met some of the most amazing people ever... i've seen some of the most beautiful places... i've experienced stuff that really left me with lessons i will uses for for a lifetime... i've entered in, and exited out of my first serious relationship... i had my first, and second, and third experience of a close friend backstabbing me and there being no sign of reconciliation... I've learned so much about myself... and i don't regret a thing.

As i look to this new year, i have so much i want to accomplish, it's just a matter of when i will get it done... lol... i got a new apartment, which is my first serious step into independence... i will be getting my personal health in order, as in i am going to be going to the gym and/or doing yoga... i will make relationships/hooking up less of a priority within my mind. and focus more on bettering my self and living my best life... i plan to start writing more, even if it's just a blurb here and there, or a letter, or a birthday card... i will refine my "circle" of friends... i say refine, because this past year, i was friendly with everyone, and "friends" with a ton of people... i find in the end, i only felt a real connection, a strong connection with a certain number of people... and those people are the ones that will be in my circle for this new year... my motto: "Those in your circle aren't always in your corner, as circles aren't squares."

So, now that all of this has been said... i want to thank all of you who have stopped by to read this, and other posts throughout this past year... even if you don't know me, thank you... i want to thank Steven for having encouraged me to start this blog,... Jasmine, Damaris, and Justin for having been consistent readers... and Chris, for having inspired the majority of posts that i have made [and for continuing to read, if you have in fact still been reading this].

This was a fun ride, but now it has to come to an end... mainly because next year, i will be crazy busy, and not be able to blog as i would like to... so i will be making the move to tumblr... what makes tumblr any different u ask? well, for starters, the interface is a lot simpler... i can make posts from my cellphone with videos, pics, and audio [i call a phone number and make the post]... there is no actual need to write as it is for blogger... by this, i mean, a photo blog could work on blogger, but when i want to make a 1 line post or something, it looks really naked, and orphaned on the page; tumblr keeps things looking nice and clean... lastly, tumblr connects to my twitter, and i love twitter... lol.

see you there. starting in september. =]

This just occurred to me, my first few posts were of me counting down until when i would leave DC and fly away to San Francisco... and now, i find myself in the very same position... so as an homage to my very first post, in which i introduced myself... i will do the same, except updated... lol.

my name is R O B B.
i'm 8teen.
an alumni of DeMatha CHS.
a freshman a sophomore at Saint Mary's College of CA [c/o '12]
i LOVE where my life is at right now, and look forward to the future.
proud macbook owner, with hopes of getting a new one at some point soon.
i've learned so much about myself;
who i am, and who i want to be, and am still learning.
i'm one of the editors on my school's newspaper.
Augustine Hall - 110 living off-campus.
i'm ready to make california permanent.
neways, this is was my clog/blog.
see you on tumbr.



nothing new...

oh yah... Alexander Wang has a new online shop... check it out... www.alexanderwang.com

damn, i really don't wanna keep up this blog anymore... i wanna move onto tumblr already... but i can't do that just yet... =/



hi... did you miss me?

okay, I all... I'm back... umm... kinda reluctantly so... I have big plans to move over to tumblr... i have about 3 friends who have either suggested to me to move, or have made them themselves and i see how much more simpler it is than blogger...

so I am announcing that on August 15th, I will shut this blog down... like, it will still be available for viewing, but I won't be posting on it anymore...

for those paying attention, August 15th would mark the 1 year anniversary of my blog. lol. but you will find much better stuff on my tumblr... i won't give you the url just yet, though if you wanna stalk me, it won't be hard to find it. =P

in other news... I'm now a member of ontdFF... for those that don't know what it is... check my sidebar...

second... i got my first apartment... i move in on the 24th... i share it with two of my friends... check below for pics of my room...

neways... i am going to go back under my rock until the 15th... unless i find interesting things to post here... lol...