i wish i could quit you...

so i am not leaving blogger... lol... it just pains me to even attempt to delete it.

i just ask you all to cross your fingers for me that i can get my olympus e-p1 before the start of 2010.

quick life updates:

i'm moving back home to dc for the fall of 2010.
i'm moving back on campus for the spring 2010 semester.
i'm gonna become celibate starting jan 2010 continuing until june.
i'm a cigarette smoker, and i'm not ashamed of it.
i'm going to purchase a new moleskin, and in it will be my life.
i'm going to use facebook alot less... as in, 3 hours a day maximum.
i'm going to immerse myself even more into fashion... more than i already do.
i'm going to make a conscious effort to visit a museum once a month.

these are sorta kinda resolutions, but just life changes overall.

this blog won't be updated very much until next year...
but please don't stop reading my archives, and checking back every so often for updates.

peace & love.