We are reaching the end of another week...

Ordinarily, I get really excited for the summer, and I take advantage of every bit of it... however, this year... I can't continue to pretend like it's all good. Blame the Global Economic Crisis; blame the fact that 2/3 into the summer, my job is FINALLY starting; blame my overbearing mother and my delusional father... but I am just anxious for it to be over already so I can get back to the life I left behind in California. I wish Time Turners actually existed, so I could speed up this charade of a summer vacation.

Enough of the pessimism... I have laundry to finish,
and a driver's test to take in about 14 hours... so I should probably get off this computer.

I hope the rest of your summers are faring better than mine has...
or at least you're finding ways to make the most of it.

P.S. The above pic was posted by Miley Cyrus to her twitter [@mileycyrus], I thought it was pretty...

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