9 more days.

today i decided to create a flickr account... the linkage is in my sidebar... check it out... i played around with my new camera today... i love it now... at first i was like... 'no. just no... nothing can replace my old camera'... but now that i've played around with it, i love it... here are some pics below... taken from my flickr... =]

[click the pics]

plans for tonight::: seeing TransSberian... then catching The Wackness


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Joi's a G, I suppose said...

ugh. I envy your life right now. You get to go all the way across the country for school, you got a MacBook, your happy. ENVY. Oh and you can come visit me in my room anytime :)
I wish I could come with you too!!

The Fat Man said...

I must say, I'm loving the picks Rob.


Damaris Nielsen said...

I love the pics....especially the gold fish one:)

supppa cute!

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