from coast to coast.

[press play before reading this post]

auf wiedersehen east coast...

i most definitely enjoyed my time with you... there are many memories that i will most surely treasure... and others i'd like more than anything to forget... but all in all... its been a good time... it helped bring me this far, to be the person i am right now... but not who i will long term... for that... i look towards the future... my future... in california... [sings phantom planet]... this isn't a goodbye... but rather a see you later... i kno though i will most likely live on the west coast upon graduation... i'll make my way back... to nyc no less... or boston... lol... okay... cutting the BS...
this is addressed to DC... i loved u... but now i need to get the hell out... as many have remarked before... its full of unhappy people working government jobs... i've witnessed them first hand... i worked with them... and thats not what i want for myself... so i will see you on the b-side... or not... its all up to which way the wind blows me [thats what he said].

To the west coast... bonjour mon nouveau ami... i look forward to exploring and experiencing everything you have to offer me... i hope to find myself while spending my life with you... i hope to learn more about who i am... i hope to establish myself as a professional whatever... i hope to make those who care most about me proud of me... i hope to just enjoy life more... i want to laugh even more than i already do... i want to make others smile... i want to live a life full of good karma & positive energy [redundant?]... i want to be free of the social restraints that keep me from loving myself... i want to be one of those progressive thinkers that are littered all up and down the west coast... and i most of all want to make memories... memories that i can look back on when i'm old and say... wow... i had a pretty kick ass life... =]

[press play again for me please]

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Damaris Nielsen said...

A week ago I probably wouldn't have been able to say this but...

see you soon :)

stevenisradiguess said...

Go get em, tiger! And everyone who cares about you, me included, are already very proud of you! Take care and go kick some ass!

Joi's a G, I suppose said...

Oh wow, Robert! I teared up when California started playing, that song was so perfect!!! And thats my FAVORITE Maroon 5 song, btw. Good one.
Goodness, I'm so proud of you. Can you believe it, your life is just beginning, you have the world infront of you, go kick ass!!!!

"look at all those movie stars
they're all so beautiful and clean
when their housemaids scrub the floors
they get the spaces in between
I wanna live a life like that
I wanna be just like a king
take my picture by the pool
cuz I'm the next big thing in

Beverly Hills!
that's where I wanna be!
living in Beverly Hills!"
(even though your going to SanFran lol)

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