fashion find.

The term 'starving college student' has plagued us all...
but for one victim of perpetual brokeness,
he decided to do something about it...
Introducing Shulga Shoes!

If these shoes look a bit familiar to you,
that's because I blogged about them before;
or rather about my pair lol...

The artist, Chris Shulga, my boyfriend,
takes a pair of plain white vans, a bunch of Sharpies, and goes for it.
The result, a pair of custom Vans for under 30bucks...
Mind you, this doesn't purchase of the Vans.

His designs were featured in our college's Newspaper,
and they can be found on the soles of a number of our classmates.
To get your own pair, get more info, or contact the artist,
check out his site:

p.s. Check out The Collegian article that spotlights him...
[[link-->] We Crave That Now! [<--link]

p.p.s. Check out my pair!!!
[link-->] click me [<--link]


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Joi's a G, I suppose said...

haha, wow this is really cool! What a great idea.

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