What is Sexy?

[courtesy of InStyle.com]


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Joi's a G, I suppose said...

I love the interviews like this that you post!

He's awesome. And right about sexyness lol

Joi's a G, I suppose said...

PS: This was a strange/funny to hear him list random sexy thigns haha

stevenisradiguess said...

Haha I felt awkward listening to him... Especially when he started describing Common's music as sexy.

Anyway... Looking at your twitter feed on the right: I hope everything is okay. Know that if you need someone honest to talk to who probably isn't involved in the situation or unfoldings of your mind that I'm always here. Not to mention that we haven't really talked in a good while.

And PS I'm only going to be updating stevenisradiguess for the moment... School is too hectic for me to update the photo blog or to actually accomplish any of the goals on keeping steven busy. I feel awkward taking up three links on your sidebar. =)

take care

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