Did you miss me?

My time away from school was an amazing time for me...
I've dealt with so many unresolved aspects of my life.

You can see from my Goals list that my sights are on New York...
California was a nice detour, but this shall not be a dream deferred.

I am learning to stand on my own...
to not give a fuck...
to just live my life.

I invite you for the ride.



Went to the Britney Spears concert tour in San Jose last night...
B was amazing... she was definitely on point!

She however referred to us as Saramento... TWICE!!!

But, she made up for it with an amazing performance,
awesome acts and magic tricks...
it truly was a CIRCUS!!!


After reading Lindsay Lohan's interview
for Nylon's 10th Anniversary Issue...
I now have a renewed confidence in her.
She is on my short list of icons.


Check out this website...

I am up there... add me.


Hope you all are enjoying the wonderful weather...
Spring is an amazing time for fashion...
Get Inspired.


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