Cole Haan f/w 2009

With an economy that comes closer to resembling the 1920’s each day, there’s no better time than now to dress like you’re spending the night at the Speakeasy.

This summer, Cole Haan introduces modern shoes with an old soul (just not an old sole) in their new capsule collection Cole, Rood & Haan Co. They’re both named for and inspired by Cole Haan’s original brand, which began 81 years ago in 1928. Carrying a feeling of freedom, youth and classic American style, the shoes range from riding boots to relaxed boat shoes; the whole collection comes in brown or black leather.

Keep an eye out for their 2009 release and pick up a pair before they, once again, become part of the past.

[article courtesy of Nylon GUYS]

I really love what is going on here... I think I know where my paychecks will be going.


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Alica said...

Thanks for the info.!! I am sooo excited to get a pair of Cole Haan shoes. I will certainly keep my eyes out for their 2009 release.

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