6 more days.

consider this... i'm about to be a college freshman... i'm about to be given the opportunity to become whoever i want to be... i'll be able to make my own decisions and not have to report back to anyone... i'm so beyond excited... today i begun dorm room shopping... i hit up a thrift store and got some amazing items that will really make my room my own... at least my half of the room... i'm slowly generating an idea of what sort of theme i want for my room... i don't want to spoil anything... i want the big reveal to be like, va-va-voom... and considering i'll hve a full two days to set up my room before my roomate moves in... it'll be quite nice...

i leave you all with something to ponder... and those who read my myspace & mySMC blogs are no stranger to this scenario... a friend of mine brought this to me, and i now want to share it with you all...

Is it better to live and know what you're missing out on or to live in ignorance?

To put it in examples terms:

Is it better to live knowing that you won't get to possess that certain career goal, to know that you won't make the team, to know that you don't have friends, to know that you won't find that certain someone, to know that you're a loser, to know that you're popular but not happy
Is it better to be born outside of all that as a recluse possibly accidentally possibly because you're parents wanted it. Born in a log cabin where loneliness doesn't exist, where the opposite sex isn't really known yet (or same), where you're always popular because you're the only one, where you're happy or sad but you don't really know what it is so you're complacent?

think on this a bit... and feel free to comment... i'm not going to share which one i chose... cause to be honest... i was conflicted... but i did lean more to one side than the other... but only by a very little bit...


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stevenisradiguess said...

Can't wait to see your dorm! And I chose the first one way back when you first posted this on myspace. =D

Joi's a G, I suppose said...

Yay! A big reveal, how fun!

Ahmm....this question makes me think of Brave New World (by Aldous Huxley, Idk maybe you read it before?)I think I would want to know what I'm missing rather than living in ingorance.

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