7 more days.

This post is all about the amazing mtvU vma concert that i went to today at six flags... the line-up included... Katy Perry, MetroStation, BoysLikeGirls, and All-Time Low... it was a great time... we had floor access tickets so we were right in front of the stage... i had such an amazing time... enjoy the vids and pics below [click the pics to enlarge them]... we only stayed to watch Katy Perry & MetroStation... after them, we left to go ride rides... after all... we WERE at an amusement park... lol

ps. i saw tropic thunder before the concert... it was sooo funny...

pps. thrifting tmrw and dorm room shopping... i took notes from u joilyn... lol
[check out her dorm room here --->link]


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Damaris Nielsen said...

Im glad you guys had fun :)

I like the duck pic...its fun..

and katy perrry sounds amazzing....i always love to read your blogs!

stevenisradiguess said...

haha the concert looked really crowded. katy perry sounded cool, and i never knew that the singer of metro station looked so sketchy. his music is so upbeat and rated PG that i assumed he looked as harmless as miley.

and alejandro's hair is kickass.

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