Woo Agentur represents freelance artists within illustration, graphic design, animation and motion graphics. The agency was established in 2001 and has worked with a range of commissions including advertising campaigns, commercials, music videos, title sequences, catalogues, corporate identities, pattern, packaging and editorials.

Woo Agentur represents Al Murphy, Anne-Li Karlsson, Annelie Carlström, Bo Lundberg, Dennis Eriksson, Eva Hjelte, Gustav Dejert, Hjärta Smärta, Jan Cafourek, Klaus Haapaniemi, Mia Nilsson, Petra Börner, Rikke Jørgensen, Sac Magique, Stina Wirsén, Susanne Engman, Tyra von Zweigbergk and Vår.
[info courtesy of Woo Agentur]


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