Happy Father's Day...

Today I saw two great films...
Tetro from Francis Ford Coppola and Away We Go from Sam Mendez
Both were really entertaining... I suggest everyone go see Away We Go... and those that are truly into independent cinema go see Tetro...

Along with that, I got free ice cream at
Giffords in promotion of the film 500 Days of Summer... it was cool, and we [Sarah, Dane, & I] got free t-shirts as well... oh yah, and we got our pic taken (prolly for the website)

I don't have much for you all, this is more so just to write something... lol... I'm super excited for the
NYLON Summer Music Tour show on wednesday... it's gonna be EPIC!!!

Oh yah, Town is having an event called Big Bad Beyonce Bash on friday night... they're giving away tickets to see Beyonce's concert when she comes to DC... B being my idol, and my diva numero uno... I wlll be there, doing all her moves, and winning those %&@#-ing tickets... lmao

P.S. 'twas an excellent four days with Sarah & Dane... I hope I kept you to entertained.



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